Fidelity Gold IRA: What They Offer for 2023

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Our Top Rated Gold IRA: Augusta Precious Metals

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If you have not considered investing in gold and other precious metals, you may be wondering if Fidelity offers a precious metals IRA. If so, you may be wondering what this type of investment entails. This article will cover the basics of this type of account, including its fees and customer service.

What is Fidelity Trading?

If you've been looking for a reliable and reputable stock trading platform, Fidelity is the answer. They offer a wealth of amenities and accounts to suit your trading needs. Among these are flexible screeners, trade idea generators, and charts, as well as access to fundamental and research data.

The company's customer service is also impressive. Not only do they have a 24-hour phone support line, but they also have human agents on standby to address your questions. They also have a learning center on their website, as well as seminars in their locations. Other advantages of using Fidelity include a variety of benefits, including free commissions, extensive research, and state-of-the-art tools.

Fidelity does charge a small fee for selling orders, but their margin rates are competitive with the industry's average. They also charge flat-rate commissions on most international markets. In addition, Fidelity charges an activity assessment fee on sell orders. You may also have to pay a per-trade commission for foreign exchange, but in comparison to other brokerages, Fidelity's margin rates are high.

One of the main reasons that investors turn to discount brokers is the low fees. Discount brokers typically charge a fraction of what Fidelity does for commissions. Fidelity is also one of the best stock brokers for IRAs. They offer a web-based trading platform called Fidelity Active Trader Pro. Active traders should use this platform to trade stocks and options. Fidelity Active Trader Pro is free to use and there are no eligibility requirements.

Fidelity Precious Metals Investment Options

Fidelity has a variety of investment options in precious metals. In addition to individual stocks, investors can invest in ETFs. These ETFs offer more liquidity and tax efficiency than traditional mutual funds. Plus, most charge less than a dollar per trade.

There are several advantages to owning precious metals, but the most significant is that they're extremely safe. Investors can buy, sell, and store these metals without having to worry about inflation or losing value. Fidelity's fee schedule is a bit high compared to other precious metals investment options. Low-cost funds typically charge less than 0.50% in annual expenses and some are even free of commissions.

Investing in metals provides a hedge against inflation and potential economic downturns. But before you invest, it's essential to know your risk profile and what you're trying to accomplish. Precious metals can be strategic investments or volatile hedges. Understanding the differences between each metal is important to making the best investment decisions.

Fidelity offers a wide range of investment options for gold, including an IRA with a gold fund. Unlike physical metals dealers, Fidelity also doesn't charge commissions or account fees on gold investments. In addition to that, Fidelity doesn't charge you to store your gold, so you don't have to worry about the hassle of buying and selling.

Does Fidelity Have a Gold IRA?

Fidelity Investments is one of the leading companies in the investing industry. They offer an extensive range of investment products, including IRAs and self-directed accounts. Their Gold IRA service allows customers to transfer their existing account to a gold IRA and invest in precious metals directly. However, Fidelity does not sell gold itself. They do have a list of approved dealers and will store your gold in a third-party storage facility.

A gold IRA is a great way to diversify your portfolio. You can invest up to $1 million in gold through an IRA. Moreover, you can start investing in as little as $6,000 if you are younger and up to $7,500 if you're older. Another great benefit of a gold IRA is that you don't need a lot of money to open one. Many gold IRAs also offer the option to rollover traditional IRAs to gold funds. The rules are similar to those of Roth IRAs. However, Roth IRAs are taxed before conversion, while traditional IRAs are taxed when you withdraw the money. Fidelity's gold IRA is a good option for investors looking for tax advantages.

Apart from paper gold and precious metals sales, Fidelity Gold IRA also offers gold-backed investments. Although they don't own the metals directly, these gold-backed ETFs own the underlying commodity. If you have more than $100,000 to invest, you can schedule a 15-minute teleconference with Devlyn Steele, an expert in investing in precious metals.

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Should You Consider a Gold IRA

There are several reasons why you might want to consider purchasing gold for your retirement account. Although physical gold does not generate any income, it can protect you against losses during a recession or a downturn in the stock market. You can even invest in multiple types of precious metals and benefit from a diversification approach.

Fidelity is a huge investment company that manages $4.9 trillion in assets. While this number is impressive, Fidelity does not specialize in precious metals and is not the best choice for precious metals IRA investments. In addition, the company has only 50,000 employees, making it difficult to personally meet every retirement account owner. As a result, their gold IRA is far less than the best option for most investors.

Research Your Investment Options

Gold IRAs are usually defined as alternative investments, meaning that they are not traded on a public exchange. Because of this, they require specialized knowledge to value. This type of investment can generate a high return, but it can also crash unexpectedly. It is important to understand the risks and rewards before investing in gold.


While gold IRAs are not the best option for everyone, they are a good option for a diversification strategy. As a result, they are a great way to protect your assets from volatility. While they are more expensive than traditional IRAs, they may provide tax benefits. You can also use gold as a hedging asset against other assets.

Our Top Pick for Gold IRAs: Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals is a highly reputable company, with a strong focus on customer service. The company offers free consultations and strives to educate consumers about the precious metals market.

As a result, Augusta Precious Metals has earned high customer loyalty and repeat business. It also offers a free one-on-one web conference.

Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana is an Augusta customer. When he decided to invest his money in precious metals, he went through his personal financial advisors and asked them to recommend the best gold company in the U.S.

They reportedly reviewed dozens of companies and chose Augusta Precious Metals as the one that would offer the best service.

Highly Rated

Augusta Precious Metals has ZERO complaints reported to the BBB at last check, as well as an A+ rating from BBB, and a AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance.

Gold IRA Experts

The benefits of investing in precious metals include the fact that their prices usually go up, which allows investors to offset losses and increase overall account value. Augusta Precious Metals also offers a number of services to their clients, such as the opportunity to purchase IRS-approved physical gold and silver.

Augusta Precious Metals has a highly trained team of professionals who are dedicated to helping customers invest in gold and silver. The team also provides advice on investing in gold and silver IRAs and sells these products at competitive prices. Augusta's commitment to customer service is reflected in their high ratings on reputable rating websites.


If you are thinking about opening a gold IRA, the first thing you should consider is the type of fund you want. You can set up a traditional IRA, a Roth IRA, or a SEP IRA. The type of account you choose will depend on your personal circumstances and what your financial situation will be like when you retire.

There are two types of gold IRAs offered by Fidelity. One is a self-directed account and the other is a traditional IRA. Fidelity's IRA has many advantages, but it's not a self-directed one.

A gold-based IRA will help protect your retirement investment against inflation and market volatility. As a result, it's an increasingly popular choice among retirement investors, who want to hedge against market volatility and diversify their portfolios. However, the process can be confusing. The best way to avoid mistakes and learn about your options is to contact a professional advisor. Some of them will provide free guides or even one-on-one meetings over the Internet.